The Signs That You're 'Officially' Becoming An Adult

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So, this past weekend, my girlfriend and I headed back to where we initially met — Seattle, Wa. — where we decided to drink as if we were still in college with some of our best friends. And since my head's still throbbing from the brew and shots-fest that went down, I realized that, at 32 years old, my body, mind and liver just can't keep up anymore.

Hence, it led me to this article, where I'm telling myself that I'm "officially" an adult now — which are words I've resisted to say for, well, my entire life. Here's how I know.

The Two-Day Hangover

Remember back in college when you could rage, rally and rage again from Thursday to Sunday? Well, sadly, a decade later that is long gone. In fact, I can't remember the last time that I had a weekend full of boozing where I didn't still feel groggy, full and out of it come Monday morning, relying on Advil to help with the minor aches and pains of the decisions I made over the past 72 hours.

Choosing Sleep Over Fun

Yes, there was a time when I happily chose to sleep five-to-six hours per night in favor of having a good time, but those days are no more. For better or worse, my 32-year-old body would much rather spend a night in watching movies or going to a dinner with my lady than heading to a bar for junk food and a few beers with buddies. I'm sure my girlfriend applauds this "revelation."

Saving Money

This is an important one for every guy to remember, because, let's face it, we'll all probably have a period when we're either a) laid-off and thrown back into the unemployment field and/or b) openly walk away to recharge the batteries and/or pursue a new venture. In that time without a paycheck, it's important to have cash saved up to cover expenses. More so, it's important to put money aside for retirement, houses, etc., and that's not something many of us are too concerned with in our twenties.

Sacrificing For Others

It's OK to admit that you, like millions of others, were nothing more than a selfish twenty-something who didn't care much for responsibilities or rules. Now that you're a little bit older and, ahem, wiser, you realize the importance in taking care of those who are dear to your heart. This means a variety of things like spending money on a surprise trip with your girlfriend rather than dropping $200 on the newest pair of Air Jordans. Or, on a grander scale, moving somewhere to be with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. It feels good, but it's still strange to accept.

You're Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Of course, it's going to take time to reach this point, but it's a great feeling when you can be yourself without much worry. Gone are the days where you care about what other people think. Gone are the days where you're worried to ask your boss for a raise. Gone are the days where you change your shirt three times and re-do your hair twice before going out. No longer will you battle that inner voice that leaves self doubt, so go forth and be confident in mostly everything you do, because, congratulations, you're an adult now.

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