'The Simpsons' Punked Out The Atlanta Falcons For Blowing Super Bowl 51 With A Subtle Change During Episode Re-Run

Image via YouTube // FOX

We all know that the long-time TV show The Simpsons has always been at its finest when it stays with current trends and social issues, so, in that realm, the show added another classic moment in its two decades-plus history.

As most of us well know by now, the Atlanta Falcons blew an epic, 25-point lead in Super Bowl 51 to the New England Patriots last Sunday. And, for anyone who may have watched The Simpsons a couple of days ago, well, they just had to take a swipe at the poor team in a re-run of an episode titled “The Town”.

Take a look at the cold move by producers.

Yep, that's right, The Simpson actually changed the score and teams of the original episode to portray that of Super Bowl 51's outcome. Here's what the original looked like.

Damn, talk about a shot, huh?!?

Speaking about the updated version to Entertainment Weekly, here's what executive producer Matt Selman had to say:

“It was pure self-indulgence on our part,” Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman tells EW. “The Boston show was re-running the week after the Super Bowl, and [executive producer] Al Jean had the idea to just sneak in a non-sequitur freeze-frame joke. Jamming the Super Bowl teams and score into one shot makes no sense in the show, but we couldn’t resist. One-time only — never to be seen again!”

This is the first time that The Simpsons have swapped something out like this to update it to something more current—but Falcons fans might not enjoy this one as much as some of those others, because, damn, this is like pouring salt in their open wounds.


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