Remember Mike From MTV's 'Jersey Shore'? Yeah, Well His Girlfriend Lauren Is Definitely A Situation

Whether you loved him or hated him, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was by far the most entertaining cast member on the MTV reality series, Jersey Shore. Yeah, yeah Snooki was great, but, c'mon, do you remember the time Mike railed his head against a brick wall in Italy?! Or how about when he fed Jenni's dogs human food and had them crap all over the shore house? You can't script sh-t like that, it's just too good.

While The Situation was undoubtedly a point of contention in the house, we thought he made up for it with solid Sunday dinner spreads and dedication to his GTL — it all balanced out! Plus, who doesn't love a good villain? A good villain with a wicked good tan nonetheless. We know Mike ran into some legal trouble over the past year, but we're not here to rain on anyone's parade. In fact, we're here to discuss something we never thought we'd see happen. The Situation in a romantic situation.

Now, we know he's been dating his current girlfriend, Lauren, for awhile, but after seeing pictures from Deena Cortese's wedding, we thought we should draw some attention to a few things. Well, one thing specifically — Lauren is a stunner! We knew "Sitch" wasn't going to end up with a grenade or anything, but it's been a few years since his peak Aztec days. We've gotta give it up to the guy, it's looks like he's still got it.

The couple looked extremely smitten at the wedding and it was pretty heartwarming to see most the cast back together (except for RAHN, he wasn't there). Lauren and Mike also stepped out today looking fierce AF for Halloween. If nothing else, we'd like you to take two things away from this article — If The freakin' Situation can settle down and find a girlfriend, so can you! Oh, and did we mention his girlfriend is super attractive and we've put together a gallery for you guys? We did mention that? Well, then, you're welcome!

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