'The Strangers 2' Trailer Is A Terrifying Pit Of Despair (But We Can't Look Away)

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Anyone familiar with The Strangers knows that it's quite possibly the most terrifying movie ever made and The Strangers 2 looks as if it will be no exception. The reason The Strangers hit audiences so hard back in 2008 is because unlike Stephen King's It, the plot was plausible. A husband and wife take to the woods for a romantic summer getaway only to be terrorized by three masked strangers. The worst part? The assailants appear to have absolutely no motive other than the enjoyment of torturing innocent people — they are literally evil incarnate.

Needless to say, it's been a pleasant decade or so without The Strangers and we wouldn't exactly have been upset if a sequel never came to theaters, but alas, Hollywood can never let a good (or terrifying) thing die. Thus, we bring you the trailer for The Strangers: Prey at Night. We don't recommend watching this alone or in the dark. In fact, if you can find a field of sunflowers and rainbows that would be the perfect setting to offset this pure nightmare fuel. Oh and the best part? It's based on true events! How terrific! It's not like we need peaceful sleep ever again or anything, no big deal.

It's safe to say that we lost a few of you, but for those select horror junkies who managed to get through that teaser trailer without pissing your pants, you'll be pleased to know that The Strangers 2 will be hitting theaters in March of 2018. You have a couple of months to prepare, you sick freaks.

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