The Strangest Things People Have Said During Sex Are Hilarious (And Pretty Disturbing)

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When there's nothing better to do on a Monday afternoon than search the Internet for funny shit, there might not be anywhere we love more than heading over to Reddit—which has provided some hilarious conversations between people, who are so unashamed when it comes to revealing crazy, sexual info.

After people have told us about their sexual fantasies, the mistakes men need to stop making during sex and the weirdest sex acts, a new question was asked the other day: "What's the strangest thing someone's said to you during sex?" The answers, as expected, are phenomenal.

  • "The last girl I had sex with cuddled up to me and started "meowing" to be all sexy and I wasn't about it. Leading up to sex, she didn't do that once and talked normally. She would meow randomly and make cat noises throughout sex and then when we took a break to grab food, we sat out with my roommates to eat and she would whisper "meow" into my ear. My roommates heard, so now they meow at me."

  • "Reverse cowgirl, going at it pretty hard. She suddenly stops, and silently gets off me and lays down next to, but not touching me. 'Is everything okay?' I ask. 'I don't think I love you.' Well fuck. UPDATE: My feet don't look weird, but even if they did, the bed sheets were covering my legs. ;) My reaction was silence for a minute. Then I got up, put on my pants, said something like "I don't know where that came from, but I think I should go." and left. Later that day she texted me apologizing and asking if we could talk. I begrudgingly met her at a park, and she apologized saying she freaked out because our relationship had been getting more serious. She asked if we could keep dating, and I agreed. No more weird shit like that for the rest of the relationship until she justifiably broke up with me because I was being a dickhead. Pretty out of character all together."

  • "I farted and you're going to notice."

  • "I don't know if I'm going to pee, or cum, but something is going to happen!"

  • Not strange, but my ex kept calling me Mr. President drunkenly after she had binge watched Scandal earlier that week. I thought it was hilarious."

  • "We were getting ready to bang for the first time, she grabbed my dick and said "I can't wait to put this inside you" and I have never stepped laughing since."

  • "You can stick it in my ass if you want. I dont like it, but my ex did." Girl was a bit off. For the record: I did not. The remark threw me off and I was close to finishing anyway.

  • While eating me out, my boyfriend said "if you fart, I'll puke all over your vagina". We're married now.

  • "You're so much better than my boyfriend." Hell ye--uh what? Fuck.

  • Second time I ever met this girl, invited her to a party I was hosting and she lived far enough away where it was heavily implied she would be staying over. In the middle of sex she stopped me to ask "so where is this relationship going?". . .as some of reddit already knows the fact that I missed the opportunity to say "down" before disappearing under the sheets still haunts me to this day.

These are all pretty messed up, but not as crazy as the one girl who once told me... well, nevermind, I only tell that with a lot of bourbon in me. As for some of the other strange things people have said to one another during sex, take a peek at the full Reddit thread here.