The Stuff You Can Use Toothpaste For Besides Just Brushing Your Teeth Is Pretty Radical

Image via YouTube

Most of us have only used toothpaste for brushing our teeth. OK, we also probably, secretly, dabbed a little bit on our zits while we were younger, too, but that's something that should be kept private.

That said, toothpaste has more uses than just giving you fresh breath, cleaning your teeth and helping zap away those blemishes overnight—and we've got 10 suggestions that you should consider busting out that little tube for.


The video comes to us via Facts Verse's YouTube, which offers other life hack info that is pretty helpful when you're in a bind.

After seeing this one about toothpaste, though, I'm going to make sure to always carry a travel size of the stuff in my pocket, because who knew it could help eliminate scratches from your iPhone screen? That's pretty awesome.

Facts Verse's YouTube

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