The Tan Commandments: How To Get A Summer Tan All Year Long

Tanner to the stars James Harknett gives you the lowdown on how to fake it without looking like David Dickinson...

Do Your Prep

Preparation is crucial for a seamless tanned look. Exfoliate and revitalize your face before you begin with a strong face wash. It’s also the perfect product to use pre-shave as it lifts the hair follicles and removes dead skin.

Keep It Even

Hands, elbows and feet are the trickiest areas to get right. Moisturize the drier parts of your body first so you get an even, non-streaky look.

Make Your Move

Apply the tan a section at a time: face, neck, chest, abs, legs and then arms. Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self-Tanner/Bronzing Spray, $9.08 on Amazon, is practically foolproof – and the 360º spray means you can reach your back, too. Rub it in with a circular motion to get a clean finish.

Mix It Up

Mix fake tan with a normal moisturizer for your face — you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re putting it, but you won’t look like an orange mess.

Don’t Rush It

Leave a 30-minute window after tanning before putting your clothes back on and avoid wearing any light-coloured threads. No one wants to ruin their best crisp white polo with a streak of orange.

Time It Right

Don’t try to apply your tan in the morning before work — you need to leave it to develop, and the office is not the place for that. Set aside an evening and leave it to darken overnight, then shower in the morning.

Stay Safe

It’s been proven that a tanned glow will make you feel more body confident, and if you use one that contains a sunscreen, you’ll also be protecting your skin. It’s not just about how good you look, alright?

Call In The Pros

If you’ve got a wedding or hot date coming up, booking in for a tan the day before with a pro will take all the hard work out of it. Just don’t get it done the same day, unless you want to smell like gone-off biscuits.

_ Photography: Marco Vittur _