The Things That No Guy Should Ever Talk About In The Gym Locker Room

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If you frequent the gym, you know there are rules. Simple things like wiping off equipment after use, not sitting on a machine to watch TV for 15 minutes and putting the weights back in the proper place when done with them.

Just like there are rules on the floor, there are even bigger ones to follow while in the men's locker room, as it's a delicate place that can be filled with guys gossiping, bragging or spilling their life stories. We're here to remind you, though, there are some things that no man should ever talk about while in there—and this is your friendly refresher so not to be "that guy."


While your old frat brothers would be proud that you "slayed" three girls this past weekend, when it comes down to a time and place to talk about it—which is almost never—one of the last places you want to do it is in the men's locker room. Every guy in there will roll their eyes and become annoyed with your boasting. Plus, be a gentleman and respect the girl by not sharing dirty details about what happened a few nights prior.

That Rash

Gross. For reasons that I shouldn't have to explain, no one wants to know what that thing is that they're disgustingly looking at without being caught. When you bring attention to it, it makes things about 100 times worse. If it's seriously something that's contagious and can harm other people, do everyone a favor and take a rest from the gym until it's all cleared up.


No one cares how much you make, how well your company is doing or how much your new car costs. Want to chat about investing or how to better manage your money? That's cool, just don't do it while a bunch of naked guys in towels are sitting next to you. Whether you have lots of cash or very little, stay hush hush about it while in the locker room.


This is a touchy subject because, more than likely, there will be TVs turned on in the locker room and, more often than not, the programming will be some sort of sports. If that's the case, go right ahead and talk about what's currently on. It becomes a problem when you and a couple other guys get into a full-on debate about who's the best college football team in the country and why LeBron James is still a beast. Honestly, I've seen this happen way too many times before, and it often leads to two guys literally shouting at one another because... sports.

Another Man's Body

Look, we don't judge one's sexuality, but whether straight, gay, bi- or something else, one topic that should never come out of a guy's mouth while surrounded by a bunch of half-naked men is another man's body. You might have zero intention other than wondering what type of weights he uses to get big arms or something, but save that question when you're both not sitting in towels, it may give off the wrong impression.

Something That Pisses You Off

The men's locker room is not your personal blog, so while you may want to rant about how busy the treadmills were or how your boss is annoying as all hell for making you work on the weekend, what makes you think an entire room full of people wants to hear about it? I've never understood the guys who treat the locker room like their personal living room, hanging out and talking about what's on their mind.

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