Paranoid As F*ck About The World Ending? These Are The Top Ways It Could Happen

Image via Wochit

If you've turned on the news at all in the past few months or so, there's a good chance you've taken notice of all the scary ass info going on about nuclear weapons, internal and external affairs gone awry and all sorts of other stuff that freak you the f-ck out about what the future has in store for mankind.

And, look, while I'm not one to sit around and worry about things that I can't control like a massive earthquake hitting a coast or a enormous, life-threatening bomb being dropped somewhere, it's hard not thinking about it given all that's going on in the world. Seriously, when did everyone get so hostile?

While that's a question for another day, our friends over at 888 Poker decided to put together a fun little experiment, actually putting odds on some of the top ways that the world could end.


As the video above shows, here are the top-10 ways that 888 Poker thinks we're all going to die off, with explanations from the site to support the fear.

The site didn't stop there, though, as they actually added a few other options, too, with the chart below showing things we should all be worried about.

So, if you haven't already been losing sleep about all this craziness going on around the world, now you definitely will, because we're all doomed...

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