The New Trailer For 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Will Knock You On Your Ass

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C’mon, everybody sing: “Transformers… money in disguise.”

The new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight is here, and it does, admittedly, look pretty cool. And even if it’s not? Well, truthfully, this is another one of those franchises that nobody could have imagined going the distance or pulling in the billions that it has, deflecting criticism the way that Superman does bullets.

But, you know, after checking out this trailer, just maybe this film is going to be different.


For instance, there’s Sir Anthony Hopkins narrating things—and that in itself adds a certain amount of class to the chaos, doesn’t it? And listen to the music, it’s piano, played thoughtfully, conveying deep emotion and letting us know that these are characters who are each holding their own personal pain. And, of course, there’s Optimus Prime, apparently seeking redemption and threatening the entire human race by stating that for his world to live, ours must die. Talk about frightening words, right? In fact, Optimus Prime is downright menacing, so you know that it’s on!

Picking up where the last film, Age Of Extinction, left off, Transformers: The Last Knight deals with the ultimate battle for survival between humans and Transformers. The key, believes inventor Cade Yeager (played by Mark Wahlberg), is to discover why the Transformers continue to come to Earth. To do so, he teams with Bumblebee, an Oxford professor and an English lord who attempt to unlock the answer while avoiding the giant robot battles all around them.

Director Michael Bay continues to be completely unapologetic for these films, and who can really blame him? It’s obvious that he has his finger on the pulse of audiences who have turned this series into that aforementioned box office behemoth. Obviously, he knows what’s working.

And, for fans, there’s good news in that the universe is expanding. There are plans for a Bumblee spin-off for 2018, a sixth Transformers film in 2019 and rumblings of a crossover between Transformers and G.I. Joe.

So, to say we’re optimistic about Transformers: The Last Knight tearing up box offices is an understatement—and this trailer is only more proof of that.

Transformers: The Last Knight is scheduled to hit theaters on June 23, 2017.

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