The Training Regime Matt Damon Used To Get Ripped For 'Jason Bourne' Was Mega Intense

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While being an actor certainly has its rewards—look no further than some of the paydays the A-listers get for films—to reach that level takes patience, persistence, some luck and a hell of a lot of dedication.

As we've seen in plenty of different films, actors and actresses willing to make the sacrifice and change their physical appearance typically get appreciated via awards and acclaim. To reach that level of transformation, though, well, it take a hell of a lot of work.

Just ask actor Matt Damon, who reprised his role as the badass Jason Bourne in 2016, turning himself into a ripped weapon for the sake of the character.

So, what did it take for Damon to get such a physique? Turns out, an insane workout and diet that took a hell of a lot of discipline, via The Guardian.

"You have to look like you've suffered. And the only way to do that is to suffer."

That suffering meant two 90-minute high-intensity gym sessions every day for 10 weeks going into the shoot. And he could eat only vegetables and protein for months on end.

That whole part about suffering wasn't a joke, huh? That's one crazy workout and training regime, with Damon reaping the physical benefits—even at 45 years old.

Added Damon about filmmaker Paul Greengrass, via The Guardian: "Paul said early on, ‘Look, if we open the film and in the first frame of Jason Bourne we see your face and you look like you’ve lived well these past 10 years, we do not have a movie. You have to look like you’ve suffered. And the only way to do that is to suffer.”

And that my friends, is how one turns themselves into a ripped human being.

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