The Traits Every Man Should Use To Display Confidence

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Being confident and displaying confidence are two very different things. While they both have similar traits about them, being confident is more of an internal thought, making a person believe he or she needs to inspire themselves to accomplish a task such as master a job interview or complete a project.

However, displaying confidence is what every man really wants, as it's the impression to other people that, hey, that guy has it all figured out. He's successful, happy, charming and treats others like they're his best friend.

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to walk into a room and instantly get everyone's attention because of the spark you bring, you're in luck, because these are the traits to help get you there.

They Listen

Everyone can give their opinion and, hopefully, back it up with some support. But it takes someone who doesn't need to always voice their thoughts to really appear confident. That's because, unlike those who ramble on and on about the same things—we're all guilty of it—those who sit back and listen analyze what others are saying instead of coming across as the smartest person in the room.

The Give Due Credit

To become a leader, one needs to be confident. So, in that same realm, when you see the CEO of a company or manager of a specific department at work deflect praise onto those who helped along the way—even going out of their way to brag about others—that's the sign of confidence. Ducking the spotlight and pats on the back to reward and compliment others is always respected.

They're Patient

One of the sexiest traits of a confident person is their ability to sit back and live in the moment, not allowing it to be too big or too small. It's nearly impossible to not think about things going on around you and friends or family, but those who can control the stress by focusing on what's most important always come out on top. It's OK to have goals, but you're not likely to get where you want to overnight, so plan ahead and embrace the process.

They Roll Up Their Sleeves And Go To Work

When a person or people are in need, a confident person comes to the rescue—and it's not because someone tugged on their arm to do so, but because they willingly want to. That's something that most people wouldn't do, but confident people are always seeking out. It's not to stroke their own ego or imply they know more than others, but just because they want to help if and when possible.

They Accept Mistakes

OK, you messed up—own it, accept it, apologize, learn from it and move on. That's what a confident person does, rather than worry about short- and long-term judgement from peers, co-workers, bosses, family/friends or significant others. To accept a mistake means there's a genuine feeling of honesty in whatever the outcome ending up being of screwing up—and that's a trait confident people display often.

They Keep A Tight Group

It's very rare to see someone described as being confident with a large group of people, feeding off of the attention that strangers or acquaintances bring. It's no wonder successful men like LeBron James and George Clooney openly talk about their small groups of friends as the backbone of whom they are. Those men, as well as other confident men, are the same person whether surrounded by millions, hundreds, a handful of people or simply by themselves.

Confidence is sexy because it's uncommon in so many people, so use these tips to your benefit to make yourself a better man and become more confident.

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