The Truth: 49-Year-Old Bums Are Better Than 29 Year-Old Bums (And Here's The Proof)

The trailer for E! Entertainment's new telly show The Royals, which premiered last week, just came to our attention and it invites a lot of questions.

Admittedly, a lot of those questions have nothing to do with the fact that the monarchy is being portrayed as a bunch of rockstars in the middle of a paparazzi shitstorm, and everything to do with the two-second flash of Liz Hurley's bum on-screen...

And what a bum it is: characterful, wholesome and breathtakingly regal. It got us to thinking: when all's said and done, once the peachy pros are weighed against the curvy cons, are the derrières of more mature women actually better than their more youthful counterparts?

Have we been brainwashed by a youth-obsessed media industry into believing that sexiness is all about twenty-somethings?

Do Liz Hurley's buttocks - buttocks that have witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, the creation of the internet and even the moon landing – not actually have more to offer than those attached to, say, Cara Delevingne.

If Liz Hurley's bum was its own person you would not hesitate to take it out for a drink. Worldly, flirtatious, characterful and probably very funny, her bottom exhibits qualities that younger, more naïve arses cannot hope to possess.
It's essentially the difference between a gaudy lime sports car and a luxury sedan with a rich, leather interior.

We know on which side of this debate we come down on. How about you?