The Ugliest Shoe Ever Created Might Be This Collaboration Sandal From Ugg And Teva

Image via Shutterstock

While no man in his right mind should ever own a pair of Crocs—or these pieces of clothing—shoe companies Ugg and Teva may have just released a shoe that's even more hideous: the Teva x Ugg hybrid sandal.

No, contrary to popular belief, that is not a "stylish" alternative to a walking boot for a broken foot, but an actual, living, shoe that some people who get paid lots of money designed to sell to people.

With a price of $225 for the full hybrid—the sandal itself is listed at $175—this thing is actually described in the press release as "quirky-cool hybrids that are designed to take on the urban trail" and are "at the intersection of fashion and function." It's hard to agree with any of that statement.

As for people on social media? Well, you know they're ripping these things to shreds!

Something tells me that people aren't lining up outside stores or refreshing their computer screens to snag these, but, then again, there are a lot of middle-aged people with nothing better to do with their lives out there.

H/T Today