The Unluckiest People In History Will Instantly Make You Happier About Your Life

Image via YouTube

Ever been down in the dumps? Of course you have, we all get a little sad, depressed and question why something happens to us. It's even worse when, for whatever reason, that feeling lasts for longer than just a day or two, too, making us wonder if, maybe, we're just cursed.

While that's probably not the case, there really are instances where strange things happen to unfortunate people, with them being at the wrong events and/or the places at the absolute wrong time over and over. Don't believe us? Just look at this chart from 888Poker of the 13 unluckiest people ever and see why your crappy day isn't nearly as bad as it could be.

See, like we told you, it really makes you feel better about having coffee spill on your new pants twice in one day, doesn't it?


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