The Updated Nokia 3310 Has A Major Design Flaw That Could Prevent It From Even Working

Image via YouTube

As we've written about several times, Nokia shocked everyone a couple of weeks ago by revealing that they were planning to relaunch an updated version of their most badass phone, the Nokia 3310, which was both indestructible and a popular mobile device for, oh, just about all of us.

After officially relaunching the updated phone at this past weekend's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there's one extremely big problem with it—it may not work in most places around the world.

Even with a battery life of one month in standby mode, 22 hours of talk time and the original Snake game—like the original one did—the newest Nokia 3310 still communicates with frequencies used for old school phones, way before things like the iPhone were around, making it useless in places like the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, among others, who have long left the 2G tech world behind.

So, even if you're to buy the phone in Europe where it's currently being sold, going anywhere else outside various countries will prevent you from ever using it—which, you know, might be a little bit hiccup.

With Nokia targeting travelers who can use the 3310 as an alternative to smartphones while visiting different parts of the world, the relaunched phone could become more obsolete and unuseful as the one you had sitting in a drawer for the past 15 years.

You had one job, Nokia, and you went and screwed this up for everyone for not doing it right!


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