In Honor Of #NationalSandwichDay We Spoke With 'The Vulgar Chef' Who Creates Instagram's Most Insane Food Concoctions

Image Via Instagram/TheVulgarChef

If you think this is going to be another run-of-the-mill interview with a Food blogger, think again. If anything, The Vulgar Chef is the anti-food blogger (not to be confused with the Antichrist). We don't want to give too much away, but let's just say you'll never find an ingredient list or nutrition facts in his captions. Simply put, he's managed to take an oversaturated field and make it uniquely his own.

With today being National Sandwich Day, we thought who better than to school us on the craziest (and perhaps life-threatening) sandwich recipes in the game? Of course, because he's such an awesome dude, we asked about his backstory, chef inspirations, and frankly, how he hasn't had a heart attack yet. Enjoy!

FHM: So, tell us, how did your journey into the world of Instagram food blogging begin? Is it something you set out to do or did it just sort of "fall into your lap”?

The Vulgar Chef: I honestly just sort of fell into it. I came home from work one day with the intention of starting a blog where I could talk shit about health food, dieting, CrossFit, kale, etc...all while praising a more fast food defined lifestyle.

FHM: Do you have a "conventional" culinary background? If not, what were you doing before you got into the foodie-sphere?

The Vulgar Chef: I actually do not. I’ve never worked in a kitchen or even around food in a work environment. I’m what you get when you smoke too much weed and watch too many episodes of Diners, Drive Ins & Dives. Before my swan dive into this little f-cked-food world of mine I spent a number of years in a metal band (Within The Ruins) touring the country — which is where my love of all things edible sort of kicked off. I was able to experience all sorts of different foods from all around the country. In & Out on the West coast and Whataburger in Texas were both life changing events.

FHM: In all seriousness, do you eat everything that you feature on social media? If so, and we're sorry to be grim, how is your health? Does your doctor shudder every time you go for a check up?

The Vulgar Chef: My own sort of unwritten rule is that I always try everything I make — even if it's a frozen baked bean popsicle. As far as my health goes, I think I’m in pretty good condition. In all honesty, if I’m not creating some sort of content for the brand, you can probably find me choking down a salad or some grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. Life’s about balance! You have to balance the good with the bad.

FHM: Alright, let's talk captions. Of course, "The Vulgar Chef" isn't just about insane, artery-clogging recipes. You've got some pretty hilarious (x-rated) captions too. What was the initial reaction of your following? Were they like, "WTF is this guy talking about?" Do you think it's what separates you from the countless other food Instagram accounts?

The Vulgar Chef: Haha yeah, the captions. At one point it almost seemed I didn’t even have to put a picture of food up as long as I had some sort of f-cked up ridiculous caption. I would just sort of let my mind go blank and type out the most ridiculous thing that came to my mind. The people pretty much embraced it from the beginning since that's how I came out of the gate. It’s definitely what sets me apart from the thousands of other "foodstagram" accounts. There are other creators doing a similar style of cooking (DudeFoods, Dan Whalen & Josh Elkin) but none of them are beating the sh-t out of that caption game like I am.

FHM: With today being #NationalSandwichDay — can you tell us the most impressive sandwich concoction you've ever come up with? The worst? Perhaps, "the most disgusting?”

The Vulgar Chef: One of my favorite sandwiches has to be the Doritos Locos Taco Grilled Cheese with the worst being The Ultimate Ramen Sandwich which was puréed ramen noodles that were formed into a patty & “breaded” with more ramen before being fried. It wasn’t actually disgusting, but It definitely was the worst I’ve done.

FHM: On a personal note, what's your favorite food? In the spirit of being inclusive, can you name one savory and one sweet dish you like best?

The Vulgar Chef: My favorite food is a tough one. I’m a meat and potatoes dude at heart, but I love me a killer salad. Burgers, pizza, wings, tacos, I love it all. My death row meal would be a Hot & Sour soup from a little Vietnamese spot in Springfield, MA. One of my favorite savory dishes would have to be shepherds pie, with one of my favorite sweet dishes being my wife's brownies. She’s always throwing peanut butter cups or some Oreos in them. They’re f-cking great.

FHM: What's in store for The Vulgar Chef? Total Food Network domination, maybe?

The Vulgar Chef: I’m just working on building the brand all around. Getting it to the point where it's my full-time gig is the ultimate goal, obviously. Being able to devote more time to the creations and content would be great. From there, who really knows. Would love to do a cookbook at some point, pop-ups, collaborations. Whatever I can get my hands in really.

FHM: Speaking of Food Network, we've gotta ask — any favorite chefs or TV shows?

The Vulgar Chef: First, I have to pay tribute to the food game God, Guy Fieri. He’s the captain of the sh-t food ship. Big fan of Action Bronson, Matty Matheson and all of the Vice/Munchies brand. David Chang is a huge inspiration. Then obviously guys like Epic Meal Time and the other food bloggers. I’m in the same boat with huge favorites of mine.

If you're not equal parts disgusted and starving right now, then you missed everything The Vulgar Chef is about. If you're interested in learning more about how he makes these disturbingly appetizing dishes, follow him on social media.

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