The Weirdest Stuff People Do In Their Sleep Revealed In This Study (And It Includes A Lot Of 'Sticky Situations' For Some Men)

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We've all been guilty of doing some weird stuff in our dreams before. I mean, hell, I've been told to have had a full-blown conversation without ever remembering such a thing went down.

While it happens every once in awhile, there are some sleepers who just can't help but routinely do random stuff like sleepwalking, talking gibberish and, worse, having a good ol' wet dream as if they're still in middle school.

Thanks to a study from EverlyWell—which surveyed 2,000 people to see their strange sleeping traits—more than 17 percent of respondents admitted to having an orgasm. Here are some of the other results.

There are definitely some weird ones on there, that's for sure.

And while those may be strange, the survey also wanted to know what would be an absolute dating deal-breaker if done while a person was sleeping. Unsurprisingly, committing a crime was tops on the list.

Sleeping is a tricky thing. We all wish we could do more of it, but, rather than waste a day, we force ourselves to do things like read FHM or watch TV for hours on end. Oh well, hopefully you're not among the men having wet dreams and getting up in the middle of the night to go rob a convenient store—otherwise, you could be in some serious trouble.

To see the full study, head on over to EverlyWell.

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