The World's Largest Pizza Slice Is Bigger Than Your F'in Torso (But, Dammit, We Wanna Scarf It Down)

Image via YouTube

Now, while it's a little embarrassing to admit, I'm not exactly what you call big. That's not to say I'm a skinny little dude, but, when it comes to fitting into a shirt any larger than a medium, chances are I'll be swimming in the damn thing.

Don't get that confused with being weak, though. Hey, I've got to stand up for myself a little bit here, right?

Point of all this is simple: When it comes to housing some grub, I'm not really what you'd call and expert in it. I mean, sure, I have my moments when my stomach's growling louder than a soon-to-be attacking bear, forcing me to stuff my face with cheesy bread, pizza and a bunch of beer and/or soda, but that's so far from the norm for me. That's not to say I don't enjoy doing that.

Anyway, this leads me to the video below, which is a gigantic pizza slice that is made from a mold of a large pizza, then sliced in half to create just two slices. That's right, a place in Orlando, Fl. called Lazy Moon actually cooks up an entire pie to serve just two people a slice apiece. If it sounds insane, well, you'd be right.


As the video above shows, Lazy Moon's pie takes some serious effort to construct, with the process appearing to be more exhausting than, you know, actually trying to eat the thing.

From the guy flinging the dough around to the amounts of sauce and cheese it takes to cover the thing, once the pie, er, slices are done cooking, workers literally fold it in half before reheating for the lucky—and hungry—customer.

Anyone else getting hungry? Yeah, that's normal. It's also normal to think that a food coma after trying to attack this thing is in the future of anyone attempting to finish it. So, sure, while I may be a "little guy" in some people's eyes, give me this thing and I'll happily spend a couple hours eating the hell out of it.

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