10 Pieces Of Advice From The World's Top Billionaires

When it comes to advice on business, and consequently racking in boat loads of money, who better to ask than the world's top billionaires? More specifically, the world's top 10 billionaires? These men come from different walks of life and yet, they all share one common theme — success beyond comprehension. Most people can't even fathom making a million dollars, these guys? They make billions.

It's easy to assume that they're fortune comes solely from business savvy, nepotism, and an ivy league education, but that couldn't be further from the truth. These men got to where they are today because simply put, because they worked really freakin' hard. They remained steadfast in their beliefs and never gave up on their dreams. Their advice shouldn't just be taken seriously, but used as a template for anyone trying to reach great heights (and of course, great wealth).

The men listed below were taken from the Forbes 2017 list of top billionaires. So, yeah, you know they aren't messing around. Collectively, all these men are worth $450.9 billion dollars, no big deal.

Lead Image via Getty

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