The 14 Most F'ed Up Celebrity Mugshots Ever Taken

If you, somehow, missed the fact that 14-time major winner Tiger Woods was arrested yesterday on suspicion of DUI, you probably were just too busy recovering from your very own hangover from the Memorial Day weekend.

That's understandable, of course, since, you know, it's the unofficial kick-off to the start of summer.

Unfortunately, the golf legend put himself in a terrible position, not only being arrested after failing a field sobriety test, but then, once booked, delivering one of the most memorable celebrity mugshots in recent memory.

Of course, the news on Woods is somewhat decent, as reports claim that he, in fact, did blow a 0.00 and that his arrest for falling asleep at the wheel didn't involved alcohol, but rather prescription pills that impacted more than he ever thought.

Still, it's a bad look for Tiger, and one that he'll have to take some time to try and recover from.


And then, yes, that mugshot.

Seeing the jokes made about the receding hairline and the half-open eyes were pretty harsh, but Tiger Woods isn't the only celeb who has had a mugshot that a celeb would rather forget about, and we give you 13 others ones to refresh your memory.

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