There's A Wireless Adapter That Makes Playing The NES Classic So Much Easier (And Hooks Up With Other Consoles, Too)

Image via Yahoo!

For those who were lucky enough to somehow get an NES Classic when they were released a few weeks ago—I wasn't one of them—you've probably noticed that there's one thing that's making gameplay a little difficult: The length of the controller cord.

Fear not, gamers, because there's a wireless adapter that's available that will allow you to sit back, relax in your cozy chair and play Super Mario Bros. from a reasonable distance away from the TV screen.

The company is coming to your rescue is called 8Bitdo, which just released a new version of its Retro Receiver called the NES360, which works with the NES Classic—as well as with other consoles like PS3, PS4 and other Bluetooth-enabled controllers.

Retailing for $39.99 is a little steep, especially when considering the entire NES Classic console costs $60, but for the chance to not kill your eyes by sitting up against your 60-inch TV, it's totally worth it.

The NES30 Retro Receiver bundle ships on December 16th, so you may want to add it to your Holiday Wish List if you already have the NES Classic—which, if you do, have probably been playing since you bought it.


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