There's A Very Scientific Reason Why Men Don't Have Multiple Orgasms Like Women Do

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We've told you before that women, allegedly, enjoy sex more than men because their orgasms are more intense, but they're also at the mercy of having multiple orgasms during sex—assuming us dudes are doing things right.

But why is it that women can pull some dual action and men can't? Well, in his new book entitled, "If Our Bodies Could Talk", Dr. James Hamblin helps explain some deep knowledge about the female orgasm, which will then help understand why men can't get multiple ones.

According to Tonic, scientists gathered at this year's International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health, which was reported to have the largest nationally representative study of, as they referred to it, "women's pleasure"—or, in other words, an orgasm.

The study involved three years of hardcore (no pun intended) research and in-depth interviews with more than 2,000 women, finding that, today, 47 percent of women have had multiple orgasms. The research even went as far as having women use a vibrator in a lab, with several experiencing orgasms within minutes—and others having as many as 50!

Per the Tonic piece:

After the first orgasm, researcher Debby Herbenick explains, most females find that different techniques build to the second. Because sensitivity is so heightened after the first orgasm, the exact same motion can be uncomfortable or even painful. It's a mistake to take that as a sign that someone isn't capable of multiple orgasms, only that they will arise in a different way. A second, third, or fortieth consecutive orgasm is usually not a result of increasing intensity, but of less direct pressure and slower movement.

That said, unlike women, most males have a "refractory period," which, as many of us men can relate to, are the moments where our penises get flaccid almost immediately after ejaculation. That's not to say some men aren't capable of keeping it up and going at it again, but, according to Herbenick, via Tonic, those aren't "functional ejaculations, but ejaculations of pride and indulgence, where sperm count falls dramatically."

Therefore, because the body has nearly no capacity to store more than one load of sperm in the testicles, men can't produce multiple orgasms as rapidly as women do. It really comes down to that.

The study also found that couples willing to talk about their sexual relationship were eight times more likely to be happier together. That's a significant difference, and should serve as a reminder to be open with your partner when it comes to sex.


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