These Are The Booziest College Towns When It Comes To Playing Drinking Games

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While college might be the place we're supposed to grow up, find ourselves and figure out what in the hell we're supposed to do with our lives, let's be honest, most of us are there for the fun and booze-fueled craziness.

That's not to say we don't work hard, but, for most people, it's the first time away from their hometowns for a long period of time, meaning they partake in every and all things alcohol—and that means lots of drinking games.

But which university parties the hardest when it comes to flip cup, beer pong and all the others? The good folks over at CollegeStats did the research, turning to Instagram to dig up the answer to that very question. Here are their findings.

Most Popular College Drinking Games

America's Booziest College Towns

Favorite Drinking Games In College Towns

Whether my coincidence or on purpose, the state of New York looks like the leader in the clubhouse, with almost 193 mentions on Instagram per 100,000 residents—which may or may not be a factor for those who are looking to choose their college in the near future.

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