These Are The Favorite Sex Positions, According To A New Study

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As guys, there's a good chance that, while having sex, we imagine one of two things. The first is some beautifully romantic euphoria that has the chemistry between yourself and your partner at an all-time high. The second, and more prominent, is something like we see in pornos, where we just plow with no regard or idea as to what we're actually doing—or what's going to get the girl off.

Well, thanks to new research, we don't need to worry about what positions we should try or overthink about what may or may not feel good, because a new study from DrEd.com has the answer right here, as these are the favorite sex positions of the people they interviewed.

As one can see, doggy style take the top spot overall, with missionary and cowgirl right behind—pun intended.

But the research didn't stop there, as the study discovered which gender preferred which position most, as well as which country's in Europe desired.

The survey, which interviewed 2,000 people from both the U.S. and United Kingdom about their bedroom behavior, even asked respondents which position they'd most like to get down to—you know, the ones they may be too afraid of trying for some reason.

Lastly, and because it's funny to see the revelation, subjects were asked to not only describe their biggest fears with trying a new position, but also where they've actually learned about different sex positions up to this point—with many admitting that, yep, porn's been the best teacher.

This is all interesting info to have, so make a mental note about the ones you should be doing to make the sex great, as well as the positions you might want to try out because, hey, you both want to anyway.

To see the full results of the study, head on over to DrEd.com.

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