These Are The Most Preferred Body Types And Most Attractive Body Parts On Men And Women

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Although there are plenty of healthy benefits to working out—like happiness and balance of life—one of the main ones has to be to stay in shape and, presumably, be more attractive to other people. But is that always the case?

As we've pointed out before, research showed that women actually prefer the dad bod to rock-hard abs, and a more recent survey of 2,000 people gives a similar result—because "average" is in, guys.

In addition to the ideal body type of men and women, a site called Fitrated asked those 2,000 people to identify the most attractive body part on a person, too, with these being the results.

As you can see by the above graphic, 41.7 percent of straight women want a man with an average body type, choosing a little flubber over ripped muscles.

When it comes to the most attractive body parts, well, you better hope your genes blessed you with some pretty eyes, guys, because an astounding 81 percent of straight women want a man who can woo them by simply looking into their eyes.

The study also revealed which body part on a variety of body types the 2,000 respondents preferred, with straight women saying that it's arms—not abs—they love the most on a man with just an "average" body.

Here are the full results.

So, while you push yourself to the max and make sure you sneak in gym time as much as you can to stay in shape, just remember to mix in some junk food and heavy beer, because, if this survey speaks for most women, being average beats out being jacked up.

You can check out the full survey results on Fitrated.com

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