These Are The Reasons Why Hangovers Feel Much Crappier As We Age

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It's the final weekend of 2016, meaning that, in addition to welcoming in a new year, we'll all, presumably, being getting sloshed and overindulging in alcohol to celebrate.

But be careful out there, guys, because, if you're anything like my 32-year-old self is, you could turn that Saturday night out into a 48-hour hangover—and there's almost nothing you can do to prevent it if you decide to go to hard.

That's because science takes over.

As we all know—and have felt—hangovers get more miserable as we get older. There are very good reasons for that happening, and these are them.

You're Fatter

Even as you try to stay slim, it's inevitable that, as you get older, you put on weight. Since fat can't absorb alcohol, when you've got a few more pounds on you, the higher risk of a worse hangover.

You Don't Have Enough Water In Your Body

Being dehydrated is one of the key elements in feeling drunk and getting a killer hangover the next day. And, even if you're getting the recommended amount of water each day, our bodies don't hold the liquid as well as we age. To help fight this off, as you age, make sure you're drinking water between boozy drinks.

Your Body And Mind Are Under More Stress

Sadly, some people rely on booze to deal with stress, but, for so many reasons, that's not the healthy way to live life. That said, even when you're not using alcohol to deal with life's problems and are just wanting to have a good time, once the fun wears off, anxiety creeps into your mind the next day and you may feel guilty or irresponsible. Sorry, guys, being a grown up and having responsibilities really does suck.

You've Mentally Checked Out Of Hardcore Boozing

Sure, there are nights when you may still feel like you can go as hard as you did 10 or 15 years ago, but, for the most part, your mind is out of it and it affects your body the day after. According to Dr. Chris van Tulleken, via The Telegraph: "All things become less joyful as we age for neurological reasons but, as our lives get more complex, losing a couple of days to a bender creates a lot more self-loathing when you have bills to pay than it did when you simply missed a couple of lectures at university."

You Chow On Greasy Food As A Late-Night Snack

Pizza and other greasy, fat-filled food is expected at around 3 a.m. after a night of hardcore drinking. But, as you get older, you may want to rethink that decision, because, as it turns out, since your liver is working extra hard to break down the fat from the grub, the organ stops processing the alcohol in your blood, making you feel drunker, longer.

You're Over The Dreaded Drinking Age Of 29

According to a 2013 survey, 29 years old is the worst age for hangovers—which I can attest to. So, if you're at or above that age, guess what, you're going to feel like shit for longer than you did even just six months prior.

Your Body Can't Process The Drinks

Simply put, your body just can't handle the copious amounts of booze you're consuming—and there's nothing you can do to slow down biology, guys. In fact, according to Dr. Chris van Tulleken, via Telegraph, hangovers are the result of a very complex inflammatory response, meaning that, whether your body deals with a systematic threat like booze or an infection, it's going to take longer to recover.


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