These Awkward, On-Air Reporter Fights Make Live TV More Dramatic Than A Soap Opera

Image via YouTube

From catfights to casual disagreements, live TV has given us a few moments that can only be described as awkward. And, while most times that comes at the misfortune of some random person getting interviewed on the street or something, every once in a while, the hosts themselves can't help but bicker.

Thankfully, someone was smart/witty enough to grab some of the best ones out there, putting together this compilation video of the 10 best reporter fights on live TV.


One of our all-time favorite is the war of wardrobes between Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook, who actually argued between segments about the color of their suit jackets, with Snook forced to change tops after Sherlock didn't want all three panelists in white. Talk about bitchy, huh?

While that's a memorable one, there are a few others that will forever live on in live TV lore—and we've got a good feeling that plenty more will be added to this list very soon.

Lead Image Via YouTube

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