These Booty Pics Of Bruna Lima Make It Easy To See Why Her Instagram's One Of Our Favorites

We'll go ahead and make this easy on you—of all the women we've crushed on over the past year or so, none have made us fallen harder than Bruna Lima.

OK, now that we've gotten that out of the way, allow us to explain.

Not only is Bruna drop dead gorgeous with features so flawless that it's like looking at a piece of art, but, man, that butt of hers is top notch stuff. Seriously, it takes some dedication and hard work to get something like that.

Since Bruna Lima knows that, she's unafraid to show just how nice her booty is on her Instagram account, as she so splendidly posts photos of herself flaunting her finely toned derriere for all to see.

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