These Horrific Drunken Texts People Admitted To Sending Will Make You Rethink Ever Boozing Again

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No matter if you're a poor schlub who has no job and lives on his parents couch or a successful businessperson who works 20 hours per day, one thing we all have in common is that we've been victims of sending drunken texts.

Honestly, there might not be anything more cringeworthy after a long night out than reluctantly grabbing your phone to check what you said to one or more people while boozing the night away, wondering if you've ruined friendships, just embarrassed yourself or have some explaining to do.

While we've all had our fair share of drunk text moments, Reddit readers went in to share some of their most insane ones ever sent—and the confessions were downright hilarious.

Per Reddit:

This is why, when drinking, it's best to be the one to offer up plugging in your phone to a speaker and providing the music, because it can save you from unforgettable texts like these poor people had to live through.

You can check out more awkward texts over on Reddit to try and save yourself from similar horror.

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