These Five Things Are Proven To Help Men Live Longer

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If you weren't already aware, men don't live as long as women. It's about a 4.8-year difference, on average. Is that a huge gap? No, not really, but you can get a lot of shit done in 4.8 years, ya know? Why not make it even?

Well, the good news is, you can! Potentially, that is. You're going to have to commit to all of the things on the list, some of which I don't foresee being too much of a problem. You'll see why.

  1. According to Men's Health staring at breasts will make you live longer. Sad news, I know. Seriously though, the rationale being that much like looking at cute animals makes men (or really anyone) happy so does staring at a woman's chest. The more positive your outlook on life, the longer you're going to live. Pretty simple.

  2. Another thing that you're going to love to hear is that having more sex will lower your mortality rate by nearly FIFTY percent, according to this study in BMJ.

  3. This one may not be your favorite, but it could just save your life! Getting married has been suggested to increase life expectancy in men. There's a lot of debate surrounding why this is the case, but many suggest that it has something to do with companionship versus being alone.

  4. Well, since you're already married, you might as well have some kids! A study in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community showed that "by age 80, men with children had a remaining lifespan of seven years and eight months, compared to seven years for childless men." Those extra 8 months could make a big difference, if you ask me.

  5. Aside from children, make sure you always have something to be responsible for. Children grow up and flee the nest, then what are you to do? Without a sense of purpose, life can get pretty dismal, and thusly shortened. A study in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed that residents in a nursing home who were given a plant to care for, showed an improvement in socialization, alertness, and general function. The other group received plants in which their nurses would care for directly. In a follow-up, 18 months later, half as many residents who cared for the plants themselves had died.

So in conclusion, meet a girl, marry her, stare at her breasts, have lots of sex, have children and make sure you take care of your own plants.

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