These High-Tech Adidas Sneakers Are Made By Robots And Built For Speed

Image via adidas

As someone who currently lives in Portland, Or.—no, it's not already gray and rainy here, guys—I know the influence that adidas has on one of the biggest running cities in the United States. So I was excited to hear that the brand unveiled a new sneaker that is so high-tech that it makes your current running shoes seem like clogs.

Known as the Futurecraft M.F.G ("Made For Germany"), the sneaker isn't just stylish and innovative by design, but it's also a product of adidas' Speedfactory, which is a robot-staffed manufacturing facility in Atlanta. Check out the video of how they're made—which, yes, does include some human labor.


The Futurecraft M.F.G—which is built on adidas' popular Primeknit upper and Boost midsole—relies on a motion capture technology called ARAMIS that evaluates and maps a person's skin, bone and muscle for a more comfortable fit, making it one of the mot advanced shoes on the planet.

With plans to launch even more innovative products at its Speedfactory, adidas is bound to elevate themselves in the ever-changing sports apparel arms race. And for those hoping to snag a pair of these Futurecraft M.F.G's, well, get in line, because only 500 pairs will become available at a price that's undisclosed.

H/T Esquire