Phone Apps That Can Actually Make You Cash While You're Traveling

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We all like to post moments from our lives onto social media, but imagine actually getting paid for doing so—because, yep, it's possible and easy as hell, you just haven't known where to look.

Thanks to Coastal Living, the answer to making money for snapping pics is here. So, even though you're out of the office and on vacation, doesn't mean you can't earn some cash with the help of some specific phone apps.

While these won't replace your salary, they can help you fund your trip or score a free meal. Here are the apps for doing so.


After uploading an image directly from your phone, it becomes available for purchase for $5—which goes directly to you. Even better, you can sell the same photo an unlimited number of times to different buyers, earning the same $5 every time.


Next time you're packing for a trip and debating between the bigger or smaller bag, opt for the larger one, because Airmule will actually pay you to transport items in exchange for that extra space. Earning 80 percent of the sender's fees—which is $40 for up to five pounds—you can forget about worrying about paying for checked baggage prices and, instead, pocket some cash.

Swagbucks Watch (TV)

What a world we live in where, thanks to Swagbucks Watch (TV), a person can get paid to watch movie trailers and other short videos. That's what this app does, using a point system that allows travelers to rack up points and, eventually, redeem them for gift cards or cash.

Field Agent

Like other task-related apps available, Field Agent pays the user anywhere from $2 to $12 for quick tasks like checking prices at specific stores. Using geolocation to know your exact spot in the world, this app will list these simple tasks for you to perform, should you accept, and pay you via PayPal in the currency of the country you're in.

While booking your trip is always a pain, at least take some solace during travel by using these apps and earning some money while wasting time at the airport or while sitting 30,000 feet in the air.

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