Real Movie Or X-Rated One? These Titles Make It Difficult To Figure Out

Image via YouTube

With the Academy Awards going on this weekend, we've got movies on our mind. Easily the biggest night in showbiz, the Oscars bring out Hollywood's elite as they dress to the nines and rub elbows with their peers—all for the chance to take home a little golden man.

Some of the movies nominated for awards have titles like Moana, Hidden Figures and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which, stop us if we're wrong, sure as hell sound a little bit... dirty.

Since we really enjoy funny stuff, people on Reddit answered this simple question: "What movie could have a porn parody with the same title?" The replies were gold!

Some people are sick, man—no matter how creative.

To see the full list, head on over to Reddit.

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