These Wool Sneakers Are The Best Pair Of Shoes That You've Probably Never Heard Of

Image via Instagram/AllBirds

When people think of wool, they often imagine something ultra heavy and meant to only be worn during the winter months. But New Zealand shoe company Allbirds wants to buck that trend, because their $95 wool sneakers are suddenly all the rage among the millennial innovators in Silicon Valley, with some even proclaiming that these sneakers are the most comfortable in the world.

More than just comfortable, the simple design makes these versatile enough for almost any wardrobe, allowing us guys to go ahead and lose the loafers, flip flops and top-siders that we're all used to wearing sans socks.

Per a story with Business Insider, here's how one Allbirds customer—and cofounder of Nootrobox—Michael Brandt described his shoes:

"They're really awesome. I don't wear socks anymore," Brandt, a cofounder of Nootrobox, says as he flexes his feet to show off his treads. "'Cause it's just like wearing a sock."

As Brandt describes them, Allbirds shoes are just as comfortable as a pair of the softest socks any of us own, meaning they can be tossed in the washer if/when needed, cleaning them to get rid of any dirt they may have picked up as you've worn them around all day.

The brainchild of Allbirds is Tim Brown, who grew up in New Zealand and, according to the company's official website, wondered why "why such an incredible, sustainable resource had never been used in footwear before." Brown made it his mission to change that, and he's reaping the benefits.

With another reported $2.7 million in seed funding on its way, Brown's Allbirds are about to get even more popular—and will, undeniably, become your favorite pair of comfortable shoes.

You can follow Allbirds on Instagram here and shop on their website here.

H/T Business Insider