Things Most Guys Do Wrong In The Bedroom (And How To Fix Them)

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No matter who you are, every single guy thinks that he's top-notch when it comes to his bedroom performance. Problem is, if you asked the ladies he has been with, the majority might not agree. Since we care about your sexual well-being — along with your mate's — here are six signs that prove you're not as much of a stud as you think, along with a few tips on how to change that around so that she comes back to you, wanting more in the future.

You Go All Jackhammer On Her

We know you're all turned on and ready to get down to business, but that doesn't mean you thrust your "unit" in her and just start going to down as if you're a puppy humping a pillow. Women think this is a major turn-off and don't get anything pleasurable from it.

What To Do Instead: Go in nice and slow — which will also helps with any premature ejaculation that might happen—and save the hard ramming for the stretch run after you know she has either cum already or is about to.

You Apologize

Girls like confidence, and when a guy says sorry for anything outside of pissing her off, it's a major turn-off and leaves them liking you a little less. Whether this happens because you shot your boys a little too soon, didn't get her off or fell asleep before you could really get hot, never, ever apologize.

What To Do Instead: Don't overthink things and just go with the flow. In all those situations I mentioned about, you'll probably be embarrassed; that's OK. Rather than even bring it to her attention, brush it off and get back to pleasing her, that's what will really drive her crazy.

You Talk Too Much

Dirty talk is always a good call, except when you abuse it and go way too overboard. A little whispering into her ear about what you want to do to her will get her emotions moving fast, but when you ask her how things feel or if she wants you to do this or that, it kills the mood.

What To Do Instead: Simplicity, my friends. When talking dirty, you don't need to paint the picture of your sexual fantasy and hope that she's into it, so saying a few dirty things about how you're going to pull her hair when you bend her over should do just fine. Again, just leave out the details and let your actions speak for you.

You Have An Agenda Or Routine

Having a routine in your life? That's a good thing. Having one when you're naked and getting freaky with a girl? Not so much. While some heavy kissing, rubbing, foreplay, oral stuff and sex worked wonders for you last time, this time is different, so don't just assume it should be the same.

What To Do Instead: Just got with it, man. Sex in the bedroom is hot and all, but if your lady feels frisky while you're on a hike in the woods together, don't be so quick to worry about how awkward it might be or how it's going to go down, because it could/will be amazing. The last thing you want to me known as is the guy with the same moves on different girls, so change it up and go with what she wants to do.

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