6 Things It's OK To Do In Front Of Your Girlfriend After Six Months

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Being in a relationship obviously takes a lot of work, but, after the honeymoon period ends following the first three months, from month four to about six or seven is the critical point where both partners will reveal some interesting things about themselves.

Gone are the days where she laughs at all your dumb jokes and doesn't get mad about your midday drinking habits with buddies. The relationship's about to either keep getting better, or it's going to flameout, so it's important not to screw it up.

That said, since you're at a point now where you're both comfortable with one another, here are some of the things that are absolutely OK to do after six months—free of judgement, too—which you couldn't do in those first few months.

Pick Your Nose

You wouldn’t blatantly de-booger yourself in front of your girlfriend, but you will risk picking your nose while she’s not looking. And when she catches you knuckle-deep in nostril-gunge, you’ll both pretend it never happened—but, because it did, after six months, you'll be in the clear.

Take A Bath

Having a shower is 
manly—you’re standing 
in a red-hot rainstorm. 
A bath, however, isn't something that a fully-grown man should do in front of a woman during the early stages of their relationship. Jesus, just look at you, with your soothing Radox bubbles, and your little flannel, and your unruly cock and balls swaying about the place. Here's a pro tip: Invite her in with you no matte how long you've been together.

Reveal Your Guilty Pleasures

You have a whole bunch of sappy songs on your phone, you’ve secretly seen as many episodes of The Bachelor as she has, and you’ve paid actual money to sit in a theater and watch a Transformers movie, not once, but twice. Of course, none of this is information you’ll share during that Honeymoon stage, when you’re trying to give the impression that you’re a cool, cultured man who’s definitely not into watching Million Dollar Listing.


You still feel pain during those first six months, but you’ll shake off any injury like you’re a G.D. marine 
in an ’80s action movie. Electric shock from the toaster while making your girlfriend crumpets? You may want to curl into the fetal position, but you’ll simply wince, chuckle and blow on your fingers a little before scuttling off to the bathroom to wipe away tears and bite down hard on your lip. A positive of this? The fact that she'll think it's cute once you finally do shed some saline.

Walk Around Naked

In the early stages of a relationship, you seek to remain suavely irresistible at all times, particularly when nude in front of your ladyfriend. That’s why you’ll avoid bending over and giving her an eyeful of b-hole, or striding around the bedroom in just t-shirt and socks. However, that all changes just six months 
in, when you'll be waltzing around the kitchen to get a glass of water and casually holding a conversation with her woman as your nuts dangle between your legs.

Actually Admit Your Masturbating Habits

Deep down, she knows what you're doing when you're alone and sending dirty texts her way. But, during those first few months, neither of you will confront that fact that you pleasure yourself just as much in your mid-20s as you did as a horny teenager, with you still watching X-rated films on the reg. At first, you'll crack jokes about the "pervy guys" who do things like that. But, after six months, it's "all hands on d*ck" while you've got a few hours alone and a fast WiFi connection.

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