Zip That Lip: 6 Red Flag Topics To Avoid In The Bedroom (Experts Warn)

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It's no secret that the moments following sex can either be really f'in amazing or really f'in awkward. It obviously ranges depending upon who your partner was, but one unifying factor is that people tend to feel pretty vulnerable following the deed, and thus all the more likely to start nervously rambling or spewing secrets as a mean of overcompensating for the silence.

This phenomenon is more affectionately referred to as 'Pillow Talk' and apparently there's a whole lotta etiquette involved. Pam Spurr, resident sexpert for The Sun suggests that there's a "big six" to avoid when it comes to oversharing with your partner post-coitus. A couple of them are geared toward women, but we're going to throw them in anyway—if anything, it's good to be prepared for the discomfort that is likely to come your way at some point or another.

Remember, these things aren't necessarily off limits always, but SPECIFICALLY in the bedroom and especially in the beginning of your physical relationship—

Size Might Matter, But Leave It Alone

Pam suggests that discussing the size of your package is just not a good idea. Don't ask her about it, don't let her bring it up

Def Con Diarrhea

If you have an upset stomach, that's fine! Take care of it! But don't you dare mention it in bed. 1) It's a complete mood killer and 2) remember the golden rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated. If your lady made mention of such ailments how would you like it??

Trimming The Hedges

People tend to their pubic hair, that's no secret. Of course, things can happen during that maintenance. If you have an ingrown hair or nicked yourself during the act, no need to bring it up. We've all been there, we all get it, let's move on.

Freaky Deaky

Fetishes are really nothing to be ashamed of so long as they're being acted out safely and consensually, however if you've just gotten to know each other physically, it might be better to gradually introduce the idea of pouring hot wax on their genitals or using a ball-gag, you know what I mean? Slow and steady wins the race.

Monthly Gift

When Pam Spurr mentioned this as one of her no-fly-discussion zones, I got a bit peeved. Frankly speaking, is menstrual blood sexy? No. Is it natural, yeah. At the end of the day it doesn't need to be discussed from either party during a sexy tryst, but I don't think it's the end of the world either.

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