This Absurd Golf Trick Shot Will Make You Wonder If Your Eyes Are Playing Tricks On You

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It's that time of year when we're all dusting off the ol' clubs and getting our asses to the golf course, celebrating the fact that the cold weather and long winter has finally subsided, and the sunshine and warmth is (knock on wood) here to stay.

While hitting up the links is a perfect opportunity to bond with friends, get a little too drunk, smoke some cigars and drive golf carts like a wild teenager, it's also a time when, secretly, when no one else is looking, we have a little bit of fun that we shouldn't.

Sure, golf is a "gentleman's sport," where you're supposed to be honest about how many strokes you take during a hole and respect the equipment and unwritten rules or codes. But, let's face it, a couple of bogeys and a good five Miller Lite's later, you're just trying to mess around.

What am I getting at? It leads to golf trick shots that many of us might not even be able to think up without a little bit of alcohol in our system. And, thank to the power of the Internet, we've got one here that'll absolutely make you dizzy, wondering what in the hell your eyes are actually seeing.

Wait, he did what?!?

I'm not even joking when I say that I've watched this video over and over—at least seven times—and, each time, I'm still wondering how this guy was able to pull it off.

Maybe we're all just getting duped and the ball is on a string connected to his club? Of course, that's just paranoid talk, though, because clearly that's not what's going on here.

Mad respect for the guy who was able to pull this off, because he actually seemed as if it would've landed on the fairway too—which is something I've got trouble doing when I'm standing over the ball hitting a more typical looking shot.

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