This Dirty Optical Illusion Of Cute Woman With A 'Gigantic Penis' Will Make You Crack Up

Image via Imgur

Remember a couple of months ago when we gave you all of those dirty optical illusions that took your mind to a very bad place? Well, there's another one that's making the rounds on the Internet today — and it'll make you crack the hell up.

If you're not laughing like you did that time your buddy in middle school at a concoction of leftover food, something might seriously be wrong with you. Come on, guys, that's ridiculous!

Not only does the lady appear to have a "penis," but it's about the largest cock on the entire planet, flopping down from her waist to her kneecaps.

Fortunately, it's just a weird shadow that's causing the strange optical illusion — we think? It's things like this that make us remember that, no matter what our birth certificate says, we'll always remain a 13-year-old with dirty humor.

Lead Image via Imgur


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