This Disgusting Mugshot Of A Florida Man Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

Image via Shutterstock

What you're about to see will, without a doubt, leave you with nightmares.

Meet 38-year-old Charles Easter, who was arrested at a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. after he, allegedly, became unruly while visiting a friend in the ER—which resulted in the nastiest mugshot you may ever see.

That mugshot is what the Internet is all about, isn't it?

Wait, the arrest report is just as good, as Easter yelled to a nurse, “Fuck off you cunt,” while maliciously throwing coffee all over the wall and floor as a cop escorted him out of the building, according to the affidavit that was obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Oh, and because it couldn't get any more perfect, the answer is yes, Charles Easter has been known to wear a pink bikini and perform dances on the sidewalk for money. Why don't I think you're shocked?

H/T The Smoking Gun