This Exploding Boob Prank Is As Good As It Gets

Image via YouTube

Here at FHM, we love a good prank. But, the best ones aren't for the feint of heart, leaving everyone nearby feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed and, of course, wondering if it's real or just a joke.

Well, there was a prank that recently occurred and has been making the rounds on the Internet that's all of those things wrapped into one, as a lady trolled her tattoo artist by making him think that her boob exploded while getting some new ink—and it's F'in perfect.


We won't go as far as saying this is the sickest prank we've ever seen before, but, let's be honest here, someone does need to be a little twisted and mean-spirited to even imagine doing this to someone else.

While the tattoo artist was the one who was surprised, if the girl was getting some real ink, uh, wouldn't it turn out like sh*t after the boob popping? We've got 20 bucks that the tattoo looks like crap now—so, really, the joke's on her.

Anyway, it's a pretty solid "booby trap"—oh, yes, dad jokes are the best.

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