Lady Wears Painted On Clothes In Public And The Reactions Are More Priceless Than A MasterCard Ad

Image via YouTube

You guys all remember those MasterCard ads that give one scenario leading to another and another and then, finally, ending with Priceless reaction because it all paid off? Yeah, turns out the same could be said for this hot girl's body paint experiment, because people were floored when they saw her walking around without clothing.

The original video comes from Buzzfeed, who sent the painted up lady to the streets to help boost her confidence and feel comfortable in her own skin—she admits as the painting was taking place that she was actually made fun of in high school for having cellulite in her thighs.

All pretty amusing stuff and, more importantly, happy to see the girl feels better about herself while pulling a quick little prank on some unsuspecting passerbys.

H/T Unilad