This Is Exactly Why You Should Never Play Golf On A Frozen Pond (Video)

Image via Facebook/AFLMemes

Most guys understand that golfing is a way of life. Even when you're terrible and can't seem to put the ball in the hole, consistently triple-bogeying every single hole, headed to the links with some buddies to drink beer and shoot the shit is never a bad time.

But, guys, there's a time and place to swing the sticks—and winter's definitely not one of those times.

This guy found out the hard way, as he, stupidly, thought that swinging a club on a frozen pond would result in anything positive for him. Spoiler alert: It didn't.


The video is about as close to Murphy's Law as possible, with the guy first missing his ball, then cracking the ice and, slowly, creating a big enough hole for him to fall into the frozen water beneath.

If driving your ball into the woods or missing two-inch putts wasn't enough to frustrate this guy into quitting golf, maybe this video will be—because, Rory McIlroy might hate playing the sport if something like this happened to him.

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