This Is How Much Time You'll Spend Hungover In Your Lifetime (If Research Proves To Be Right)

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We've given you as many tips as humanly possible to help cure a massive hangover—like Anthony Bourdain's wild suggestion or the ones science believe to be true—but, just because you help eliminate that god-awful feeling, doesn't mean you weren't a slob for a little bit part of the day.

Since the holidays are here and you're, presumably, going to get drunk a lot in the next week or so, we have a little information for you that might pique your interest that, just maybe, may alter your decision-making when it comes to drinking—so you don't feel like this.


That's because, according to a new study from VinePair, the average person will spend an astounding 724 days hungover in their lifetime—or, for you math majors, just six days shy of two years!

The study, which polled 2,000 British people, also found that 1-in-20 people experience six or more hangovers per month! That's a hell of a lot of alcohol, if you ask me.

We're not sure at which point people will just put the bottle down and save their bodies from the destruction, but, hopefully, these alarming numbers at least educate you a little bit and help you drink less.

Seriously, two years wasted from being wasted, that's just stupid, guys.

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