This Is How To Get Your Girl To OG Without Just Having Sex (According To Research)

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We all may think differently about it, but, generally speaking, during sex, men have one goal: to get his woman off.

I know, that may seem shocking to some of you guys—especially those who like to romp as fast and as hard as possible so that you can cum—but if you want a girl to enjoy sex, it's all about taking her to that OG zone.

While there are different factors to accomplishing that, a new study from Concordia University and McGill University in Montreal have discovered that women have the potential to reach climax from various erogenous zones on their body, including non-genital areas, per Medical Daily.

There's a new understanding of the female orgasm: It incorporates the external clitoral glands, the internal region around the G-spot that corresponds to the internal clitoral bulbs, the cervix, and the sensory stimulation of non-genital areas, such as the nipples.

"With experience, stimulation of one or all of these triggering zones are integrated into a 'whole' set of sensory inputs, movements, body positions, arousals and cues related to context," said Jim Pfaus, senior author and a psychology professor from the Faculty of Arts and Science at Concordia, in a statement.

In other words, it's the stimulation of one or various erogenous zones that induces pleasure and orgasm during masturbation and sexual intercourse. The researchers believe orgasms don't have to come from one site, nor from all sites, and most importantly, they don't have to be the same for every woman, nor for every sexual experience the woman has to be considered whole and valid. Orgasms are a very individual and subjective experience.

The study, which was published in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology, saw researchers review the history of clitoral versus vaginal orgasm through different publications and studies, concluding that women have the potential to experience orgasms through non-genital regions like the lips, nipples, ears, neck, fingers and toes.

As for the spots your girl likes to be touched the most—in terms of driving her wild—previous research has found that the clitoris and nipple are the most sensitive when it comes to pleasure—and to vibration—whereas the lateral breast and abdomen are the least sensitive.

Each woman is different in regards to experiencing and defining an orgasm, but this study shows that, generally speaking, these areas of the body are the most sensitive, meaning men have a number of spots to focus on for her to properly get stimulated.

H/T Medical Daily