This Is How To Make A Pickle Your New Favorite Pipe

Image via YouTube

There are a lot of different ways people like to get high.

Some go old school and stick to rolling joints, others prefer bongs, some cook with their cannabis and others try different types of pipes to get their THC. And while we've all got our own ways, a new one you might want to try is a pickle pipe!

Thanks to VICE's YouTube, we now know exactly how to make one, too, only advancing the stoner-food culture to yet another level. Here's host of the Viceland TV show Weediquette, Abdullah Saeed, showing you how to make one for yourself.


You may be thinking to yourself, Why do I need to smoke pot out of a pickle? That's a very good question. Our response? Why wouldn't you want to try smoking weed out of a pickle, though? If you're high, we guarantee this is your mind right now.


Happy smoking, fellas.

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