This Is The Reason Why Wendy's Beef Patties Are Square And Not Round

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No matter what part of the world you live in, there's a very good chance that you've grown accustomed to round patties for your hamburgers. I mean, 90 percent of the restaurants and normal, everyday people prefer their meat to be circular.

However, fast-food chain Wendy's has never believed that, as their burgers have maintained an odd square shape ever since Dave Thomas founded the company back in 1969—and there's a reason why Thomas went with the square patty instead of the round one.

According to Thrillist, Dave Thomas wanted the burgers to stick out of the buns on a burger to show-off the meat, believing in the quality of it so much that he wanted people to see the juiciness. It was also a way in which Wendy's didn't "cut corners," providing their meat to be seen by everyone without shame.

"That idea of 'not cutting corners' is not far from the actual truth," said Frank Vamos, director of brand communications for the company.

Dave Thomas' Grandma Minnie instilled that oft-repeated phrase into her grandson. When he founded Wendy's—he kept that in mind.

"That's a message Dave Thomas wanted to instill throughout the company so it's definitely symbolic," Vamos said.

Although Thomas was adamant about keeping the patties square-shaped, after Wendy's merged with Arby's parent company Triarc in 2008, the restaurants conducted extensive tests and found that customers were actually turned off because of the odd shape, believing that they were more processed than rounder patties, via Time. That led to Wendy's releasing a different burger in 2011 that is its current shape—thicker patty and a rounder, more "natural square" shape.

The square burger will forever be iconic to Wendy's, so now you know why the fast-food chain has remained loyal to keeping some variation of it for all of its burgers.

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