This Is The Reason Why You Crave Crappy Food When Drunk

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You know all those times you leave the bar, are slurring your words, may or may not need a buddy to help carry you to a cab and just can't stop thinking about eating a big, greasy pizza? It turns out that there's a very good reason for that.

Unsurprisingly, when you're all boozed up on your favorite beer and/or liquor, the alcohol impairs your judgement and self-control, making your mind tell your belly that it needs nothing more than some crappy food, per DailyMail.

The research comes from the University of Liverpool, which examined the effects alcohol had on 60 undergraduate females' energy intake and dietary restraint, with participants given either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

Given numerous tests—like identifying different colors and eating cookies—scientists concluded that alcohol consumption impaired performance, believing that alcohol intake is tied to an increase in calories outside of the ones already included in the booze itself.

The study said: "This demonstrates that alcohol may be associated with weight gain through increasing food intake rather than just failure to compensate for drink-derived calories."

Additionally, the scientists determined that this increased caloric intake is the product of impaired inhibitory control.

The study said: "Taken together, this suggests that rather than alcohol stimulating appetitive food processes, alcohol’s association with increased consumption may work through impairing control over the amount of calories consumed."

"The current study indicates that alcohol consumption can increase consumption of unhealthy food via its effects on inhibitory control, although not in highly restrained eaters."

So, the next time you're sloshed and wanting to eating all the junk food the planet has to offer, this is the reason why you cannot say no. Sorry, it's science.


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