The Secret To Never Losing Your Stuff Again Is A Helpful Way To Feel More Organized

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Anytime I lose something—say, like my chap stick or wallet—I always do what my mom told me when I was younger, "just pray to St. Anthony and he'll guide you to it."

My mom, God bless her, seems to really believe in the power of prayer. Unfortunately, that never did always work, so I've got to find a new way to hunt down some of my misplaced items—and science just gave one to me.

New research from the University of Aberdeen discovered that, when people lose or misplace items, they spend way too much time looking in uncluttered areas, where objects naturally pop out.

That's just about the worst thing to do, though.

According to researchers, looking in the most cluttered spots are more likely to lead you to what you're looking for, with study author Anna Maria Nowakowska telling Seeker this:

"If you're looking for your keys, you should focus on the areas with the most clutter, because if they were somewhat more obvious, you would have found them by now," says Anna Maria Nowakowska, a researcher at the University of Aberdeen. She said the study suggests that people "waste a great deal of time looking in locations that they already know don't contain the thing they are looking for."

Instead of going to your car's cupholder for your wallet or a change basket for your keys, chances of finding what you're looking for increase by checking the pockets of the stack of clothes in your bedroom or a junk drawer with miscellaneous items.

There you go, guys, you'll never lose anything ever again.

NY Mag // Science of Us

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